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  • Letters #14

    Dear Bluebonnets, You’re pretttttty. Dear Husband, Thank you for taking me out for walks and picnics and cappuccinos and chili-cheese fries and movies and snow cones and fun. All my base are belong to you. Dear Family, Thanks for a wonderful weekend and yummy food and old jewelry and owl presents. You made me feel […]

  • SXSW Inspiration

    So SXSW is over – this year it seemed to go by really quickly! We usually stay away from the crowds for most of the week, but we try to walk downtown at least once during the madness to check things out, and this year we almost missed it. It’s such a different feeling – […]

  • Weekend Moments #4

    Hey everyone! This weekend: On Friday, Aimee and I had a meeting and photo shoot up north. I stopped at Asahi Imports for some ingredients for recipe testing, then came home and tested two recipes. We stayed in and ate chocolate drumsticks. On Saturday, we took a city walk with our friends N. and E. […]

  • Weekend Moments

    Hi guys! I made another video of tiny moments of my weekend. I tried to keep each clip really short, so it would just be a kind of glimpse at things. Details: On Friday we met friends at Nubian Queen Lola’s for dinner. We shared gumbo with cornbread. I had the best fried catfish and […]

  • Thunderheart Bison: Ranch to Trailer

    So there’s a new food trailer near our place (on West 5th Street, between Baylor and Walsh), run by the peeps who own Thunderheart Bison. We walked down there the other day and tried a few things. This is the Asian steak salad – tender bison sirloin, greens, tomatoes, crunchies, and sesame dressing. This was […]