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  • Letters #21

    Dear Husband, Today I was driving to the studio and I saw a guy on a scooter in front of me, and then I realized it was you, and then my heart got all fluttery. Thanks for still making my heart flutter after all these years. And thank you for scooping the litter box. Dear […]

  • Letters #20

    Dear Husband, Thanks for taking long walks with me, and for washing the dishes, and for cooking, and for cleaning the litterbox, and for carrying the laundry, and for being an amazing designer, and for having great hair, and for making the best margaritas ever. Dear Cats, I realize that the nights are a bit […]

  • Letters #19

    Dear Husband, Sometimes I watch you sleep and try to memorize every freckle. Sometimes when I hear your scooter pulling up to the house, I get kind of giggly and tell the kitties, “He’s here!!” Sometimes when I’m in your arms the rest of the world and all of its worries disappear. Sometimes you make […]

  • Letters #18

    Dear Husband, Thank you for carrying heavy things and putting up light fixtures and setting up internet and hammering things and making sure we had music right away and letting me have the window space and letting me have the big closet and making me margaritas and reminding me to take medicine and mourning with […]

  • Letters #17

    Dear George, I know you belong to my friends Kate and David, but you’re just such a cute kitten that I think I’ll adopt you as my kitty-nephew. Just stay a kitten, okay? Dear Autumn, You’re here, you’re here! Tonight the air is a bit chilly, and today at Lick there was butternut squash/cinnamon/brown sugar […]

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