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  • Drink.Well.

    One of our new favorite spots in town is Drink.Well. It’s a cute little bar on North Loop that serves excellent cocktails and awesome snacks. Last time we visited, I had the Dead Man’s Party (right) – a tiki-like drink made with three types of whiskey instead of rum. It’s so freakin’ delicious. The Boston […]

  • Breakfast at Ocho

    I recently developed an old roll of film, and found these images from our breakfast at Ocho in San Antonio. Notes to self: Take more film photos. I love the tones and textures here. Turquoise and orange go great together. Also, reminder: you like a regular cup of coffee with cream and sugar just as […]

  • Weekend Moments #4

    Hey everyone! This weekend: On Friday, Aimee and I had a meeting and photo shoot up north. I stopped at Asahi Imports for some ingredients for recipe testing, then came home and tested two recipes. We stayed in and ate chocolate drumsticks. On Saturday, we took a city walk with our friends N. and E. […]

  • Weekend Moments #2

    Hi everyone! I made another video of the weekend. It’s fun to capture moving pictures, and it’s nice that all I need is my iPhone. 🙂 We had lots of time with friends, and we got to hang out with lots of puppies! Details: On Friday I had lunch with my friend N. at Kome. […]

  • Day in my life #2

    Hi guys! I decided to do another day-in-my-life post today. It felt like such a busy day! 8:30a Justin is up. I am not. It’s cold outside of the bed, and the kitties are swarming me to keep me warm. I stay snuggled in and read blogs on my phone. 10:00a Justin comes in to […]

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