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  • The Instapot

    I keep calling it that. I know it’s an Instant Pot, but still. I adapted our original Peggy’s sauce to work in the Instapot! For future reference, here’s how I did it. I usually add at least 2 zucchini and 2 yellow squash, and 3 full cans of tomatoes, but I didn’t want to overfill […]

  • In which we embrace the plant-base

    (Oh hi, it’s been a while, we’re changing things on the blog, etc.) We’ve been cooking a lot of plant-based dishes lately. This summer, we had a big scare when Justin’s dad had a heart attack. He’s doing great now (walking a lot, eating better, and losing weight!), but at the time, we just didn’t […]

  • Things I made

    I often take photos of food I make and then forget to post them. Here are a few of those things. acai bowl brunch cheese and things, or as we call it, #snacks noodles and greens roasted chicken veggie pizza

  • Whisler’s

    Sometimes a place and a time is so lovely you just have to photograph it. That is all.

  • Veggie Tuesday

    Today’s Farmhouse Delivery was so lovely to see. We’ve been eating out quite a bit, and haven’t had many veggies in the house, so all these greens look so dang delicious. Sadly, some of our order didn’t arrive, and so we’re still waiting on butter, eggs, sauerkraut and hemp seeds. Roux wanted some greens, too. […]

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