Letters #14

Dear Bluebonnets,

You’re pretttttty.

Dear Husband,

Thank you for taking me out for walks and picnics and cappuccinos and chili-cheese fries and movies and snow cones and fun. All my base are belong to you.

Dear Family,

Thanks for a wonderful weekend and yummy food and old jewelry and owl presents. You made me feel so welcome, even though I surprised you by showing up at your house out of the blue. Also, I hope you’ve finished the 84 bags of chips I brought you.

Dear God,

Thank you for wildflowers and spring breezes and nice people and courage and safe travels and cacao beans and wonderful husbands and great friends. Also, thank you for only making me have to go to the Drivers License Office once every 10 years or so.

Dear Bed,

Why are you so uncomfortable when I try to fall asleep, and so very comfortable when I try to wake up? Can we reverse this?

Hope you all are having a great week!

One response to “Letters #14”

  1. mmmm, beautiful bluebonnets! And I am going to invent and patent a self-ejecting bed for those difficult mornings. Congratulations on a successful drivers’ license outing!

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