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  • Letters #14

    Dear Bluebonnets, You’re pretttttty. Dear Husband, Thank you for taking me out for walks and picnics and cappuccinos and chili-cheese fries and movies and snow cones and fun. All my base are belong to you. Dear Family, Thanks for a wonderful weekend and yummy food and old jewelry and owl presents. You made me feel […]

  • Drink.Well.

    One of our new favorite spots in town is Drink.Well. It’s a cute little bar on North Loop that serves excellent cocktails and awesome snacks. Last time we visited, I had the Dead Man’s Party (right) – a tiki-like drink made with three types of whiskey instead of rum. It’s so freakin’ delicious. The Boston […]

  • SXSW Inspiration

    So SXSW is over – this year it seemed to go by really quickly! We usually stay away from the crowds for most of the week, but we try to walk downtown at least once during the madness to check things out, and this year we almost missed it. It’s such a different feeling – […]

  • Beans & Eggs

    Last night I had this for dinner, and now it’s my favorite thing. Toasted bread topped with white beans (olive oil, garlic, canned cannelini beans, tarragon) and an egg fried in duck fat. I think I’ll have it for lunch today, too. Have a great weekend, everyone!♥

  • two twenty-nine

    On Leap Day, 2012… Roux watched the birds and squirrels from inside the screen door. We heard the doves: bee DOO, doooo, doooo. I learned about vocal fry, which I’m fairly certain I’m guilty of. Justin made my coffee with plenty of sugar and cream, just how I like it. I stretched, because I’m old […]

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