Thunderheart Bison: Ranch to Trailer

So there’s a new food trailer near our place (on West 5th Street, between Baylor and Walsh), run by the peeps who own Thunderheart Bison. We walked down there the other day and tried a few things.

This is the Asian steak salad – tender bison sirloin, greens, tomatoes, crunchies, and sesame dressing. This was seriously good! In the background is the soft bison taco, which also had a really great flavor and fresh toppings.

We also tried the oxtail pho. You don’t expect to get pho from a trailer, but this was a satisfying, rich and deep soup, perfect for the winter. Justin didn’t get much of this, because I hogged it all up. The broth was so beefy! (Bison-y?)

We were really impressed with the food – everything was full of flavor and had obviously been well-prepared. We met Cat, the co-owner/chef, who had such a great attitude, and an obvious love for local meats and produce.

Next time we’ll try the coffee-braised short ribs, or maybe the bison burger. We saw someone else’s burger and it was ginormous! Actually, I’ll probably just order the same things again, because they were so good. I end up doing that a lot – I want to try new things, but once I find something fantastic, I just keep ordering it over and over again. 🙂

On the tea front, today I’m sipping Sleepytime Vanilla, which is really yummy. Thank you all for your suggestions!

Happy Monday, everybody!

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