Tag: Austin

  • Monday

    A few things on my to-do list: read my friend Steve’s article in Best Food Writing 2011 (!!!); write to pen pals; figure out schedule for Austin Film Festival. Had lunch with lovely friends at Buenos Aires Cafe. I have no idea how they make beef tenderloin so darn tender. Bela visits us every day […]

  • Fino on film

    I suppose I got a little camera happy the last time I was at Fino. I just remember that the light was lovely, and I kept snapping away. 🙂

  • Wednesday

    Today I woke up to smoke. All of Austin was under a haze of smoke from the wildfires in nearby Bastrop. It’s a veil, hanging everywhere. It’s hard to believe that so much fire has devastated so many homes and lives, and it’s still raging, so close by. I got a haircut, then stopped at […]

  • Noble Pig

    We had lunch at Noble Pig a few days ago. Have you been there yet? It’s way the heck up north, but the sandwiches are so freakin’ good that it’s worth the drive. We stopped in on our way to IKEA, which worked perfectly. This is Justin giving me The Look… maybe he’s tired of […]

  • Dinner at Woodland

    Just trying out video with my 50mm lens at the Woodland. 🙂