SXSW Inspiration

One-man band = courage

So SXSW is over – this year it seemed to go by really quickly! We usually stay away from the crowds for most of the week, but we try to walk downtown at least once during the madness to check things out, and this year we almost missed it. It’s such a different feeling – it feels as though our city has been taken over by another. It’s crowded and everyone is excited and hopeful.

Fabulous hair

I will admit that it’s not fun to try to get to your favorite spots during this time. We stayed away from our downtown office all week – microphone checks, screaming girls, traffic. The crowds also meant all downtown restaurants were off limits.

Embracing St. Patrick's Day

We didn’t see any films this year, which makes me sad. Last year, we bought passes as usual, and couldn’t get into any films. We heard that many badge holders had the same experience. I don’t know what the solution is – sell fewer badges? Have more venues? For now, we’ll save our money for the Austin Film Festival.

Awesome sunglasses

Still, I was inspired! By fashion, by hairstyles, by bravery. There’s a huge wave of hipster-hating at the moment, and I’m not really sure why. Sheesh, I’m a hipster. I think pretty much all of my friends are hipsters. These days, if you have a beard, or use Twitter, or dress creatively, or are into craft cocktails, or listen to Andrew Bird, you’re a hipster. Who cares? I don’t want to be an old, grumpy gal, not willing to embrace change, scowling at the younger crowd and their “fashions” and “music.” I want to be a part of the life happening around me, to be inclusive rather than exclusive. I suppose, as Justin says, “Haters gonna hate.”

I read a great quote from Matthew Odam on Twitter this week:

Positive definition of hipster: one actively engaged with the culture they are consuming. Beats raw consumerism.

Violin monster and gorgeous hair

And so, SXSW is just another opportunity for me to be involved in the world around me and appreciate the culture that is growing in Austin. Until next year!

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  1. your take on hipster-hating made me smile as i start my day:) there is a lot of hipster talk that happens with us recently and i don’t know when or where the hipster stuff started, but suddenly it was everywhere. we have been told that we are hipsters and we laugh, but at the end i just shrug and think, okay i guess we are(?). it’s all about living our lives the way we want to! Oh, also had to add, anytime someone says haters gonna hate, i always think of another phrase my friend uses that makes me laugh – “get out the haterade.”

    1. I like that one! And I totally agree with you. 🙂

  2. Wait, are these recent photos? Why are people wearing short sleeves and shorts!?! I even spot a naked guy there, too. Isn’t it, like, still winter? Or is Texas that “hot” already?

    Anyway, I think you need to come here and check out our version of “hipsters.” I think you’d love that.

    1. Yes! It’s “spring” in Austin, which basically means “summer” everywhere else. And yes, I’m totally interested in seeing Japanese hipsters! I can’t even imagine.

  3. Fat Guy in a Kilt! Classic!

    I actually thought SXSW (the music event) was very well run this year and we were able to walk into Moonshine on Friday around 6:30 with about a 10 minute wait..

    Loving the Blog..

    1. And he was a pedi-cab driver, too! 🙂

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