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  • In which we embrace the plant-base

    (Oh hi, it’s been a while, we’re changing things on the blog, etc.) We’ve been cooking a lot of plant-based dishes lately. This summer, we had a big scare when Justin’s dad had a heart attack. He’s doing great now (walking a lot, eating better, and losing weight!), but at the time, we just didn’t […]

  • Evolution of Blog Post Titles

    I’ve been blogging for over 10 years. Actually, it will be 11 years next month! So much has changed in the blog world since I started. Lately I was noticing how much post titles have changed over the years, from simple to complicated to exclamatory to judgmental. Here’s how I’ve seen it evolve: Sugar Cookies […]

  • Lately

    I realized this is another very long post. I seem to go back and forth between very long and very short. Eating Lots of cooking, lots of veggies. I added links to recipes when I could, though I will say that most of the time I just base things on a recipe and then veer […]

  • Distance Contest

    This CRACKED ME UP. So simple, but that low-five kills it. 🙂

  • Friends

    Friends are the best. Friends and margaritas and micheladas. From Elbert Hubbard: A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

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