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  • Weekend Moments

    Hi guys! I made another video of tiny moments of my weekend. I tried to keep each clip really short, so it would just be a kind of glimpse at things. Details: On Friday we met friends at Nubian Queen Lola’s for dinner. We shared gumbo with cornbread. I had the best fried catfish and […]

  • I am me.

    I am me. And that’s all I can be. I wrote this: I think back to the dreams I had, dreams of what my life would be. Sleepy mornings with milky coffee, the clink of the spoon stirring in the sugar, crossword puzzles and a new day. I dreamed I would bake my own bread, […]

  • Farro Salad

    I cooked again! Yay me! I bought a cute little bag of quick-cooking farro at Central Market, and decided to try it out tonight as a salad. I started with a recipe from Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi, but ended up changing it a lot to fit the ingredients we had. It was seriously good, especially […]

  • Twelve

    Yesterday was our 12th anniversary. We’ve been married a dozen years! And still, he’s my favorite. We celebrated with tons of food – dinner with a friend at Parkside, drinks with the guys at Fino, dinner at Fabi + Rosi, brunch at Foreign & Domestic, dinner at Justine’s. We even had drinks with our friend […]

  • Friday

    Breakfast: soy mocha. A toast to my last day at the office. 🙂 Lunch: I stopped for some groceries at Central Market and picked up this “French vegetable salad.” I didn’t love it, so I picked out the potatoes and tomatoes and tossed the rest. . Lunch, part 2: I had some leftover pasta and […]

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