Weekend Moments

Hi guys! I made another video of tiny moments of my weekend. I tried to keep each clip really short, so it would just be a kind of glimpse at things.


  • On Friday we met friends at Nubian Queen Lola’s for dinner. We shared gumbo with cornbread. I had the best fried catfish and shrimp with cabbage and yams, and Justin had the most awesome pork chop sandwich ever. Lola cooks and serves every dish herself. She sat down at our table to take our order, and each time we chose something, (“I’d like the cabbage, please”), she’d say, “Ooooh, you’re gonna love that.” She’s amazing.
  • After dinner we hopped over to the Volstead for drinks. Justin (the bartender) whipped up some lovely beverages for us. After that, E. and N. came to our place and I played bartender to them (I love making cocktails).
  • On Saturday, we spent the day reorganizing the kitchen and cleaning. Yuck.
  • Saturday night, we went to Foreign & Domestic for dinner. They were slammed – so many people! We sat at the counter (our favorite spot) and ate and ate and ate. Ned likes to play this game with us called “I will send you 800 dishes and laugh at you when you can’t finish them all.” We ordered two appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert, and ended up with four appetizers, two entrees, and three desserts. (Sigh, Ned.) We had beef tongue pastrami, white anchovy tartine, beef heart tartare, and pigs brains with huckleberries. Justin had the gnocchi with bacon and broccoli, and I had the redfish with sweet potato puree, rutabagas, and persillade. We shared Jodi’s chocolate trifle, topped with almond sherbet and a pomegranate macaroon. Then Ned sent out the banana tart and the cranberry and chocolate bread pudding. He’s so mean. We love him. 🙂
  • After dinner, we hopped over to Hotel San Jose for drinks with Jodi and friends, and then our friend J. and Ned popped in. Ned and Justin made plans to play basketball at lunch. There was a lot of trash talking.
  • After that, J. and N. came to our place and I whipped up drinks for everyone. I love being a hostess.
  • On Sunday, I finished up cleaning and rearranging the kitchen. I still need another shelf divider and a few other things, but it looks much better!
  • I had some vegetable soup and avocado toast with sea salt and pepper for lunch.
  • I spent the afternoon at my desk, working on book stuff. I organize things with post-it notes on my bulletin boards.
  • We decided pizza was needed for dinner, so we drove down to Home Slice. We were lucky enough to grab seats at the counter, and had our favorite: half Caesar salad for me, half Greek salad for J, and a tomato pie. Yum.
  • Also, I love my cats.

So, it was a weekend full of food and cocktails. I would say that this week I’m going to cook at home every night, but that would be a lie – Monday we’re going to Asia Cafe with E. and N.

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  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend! I am glad you are feeling better! I love you tremendously!

    1. Thanks, sis! Love you, too!

  2. I love that little video. Your weekend looked very fun and YUMMY!

  3. 1. Never heard that song before, but I really like it!
    2. Not sure why, but my favorite part of the video is when you’re salting your avocado toast and ladling soup.
    3. Your black kitty is so lovely!
    4. I love how you organized your cocktail stuff. Well, your whole kitchen really.
    5. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve never eaten at Home Slice. But after seeing how awesome that pizza looked, I need to go.
    6. I’m glad to see these little glimpses of your life. I hope you’re feeling good lately!

    1. Yay, I love lists!
      1. It’s my favorite song in the world right now, and has been for months. 🙂
      2. I like that part, too! And the music is really lovely at that point.
      3. I’m so glad people can see that she really exists! When we have people over, she hides and won’t let anyone see her.
      4. Thanks! It’s a work in progress.
      5. ZOMG Home Slice.
      6. Thank you!

  4. This was lovely! I highly encourage you to try to do a video like this weekly or two weeks because it’s such a lovely view to take in. Now I want to eat and eat!

    And my goodness, a pomegranate macaron? I think I may swoon at the thought! I love them so. They’re my latest obsession. I bought a dozen from La Boite the other day and ended up giving most of them away when I realized I should not be eating them! 🙂

    I have never been to so many of these places! I must try Foreign and Domestic!

    And thanks for the neat song! I’ll be adding it to my playlist shortly.

    1. Thanks, J! I thought about making it a weekend thing… we’ll see how each weekend turns out. I do love making tiny videos. 🙂

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