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  • Moving on

    This video made me do the ugly cry. It’s a beautiful look at life and loss and love. Moving On from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.

  • Pork and Pink

    Last night I cooked dinner for the first time in forever. It was lovely to be back in the kitchen with my trusty sous chef, a gin cocktail, and great music. We really loved these Vietnamese pork chops, and the Shirazi salad was so fresh and fantastic. Yay summer! It’s been a long time since […]

  • Derby Day!

    Every year, we look forward to Derby Day. We get dolled up in our finest and spend the day at a farm drinking mint juleps and cheering on random horses (whichever has the best name) and generally having a great time. This is all thanks to our wonderful friends David and Joe, who host the […]

  • Weekend Moments #7

    Hey guys! I actually took video snapshots of my weekend! This little video is for my new pal Sarah (it was great to meet you on Friday!). 🙂 Highlights: Friday: We checked out Jodi and Rosie’s awesome desserts at a Fusebox Festival event, then had snacks at Contigo and desserts at F&D. Saturday: I walked […]

  • Toys!

    Hi peeps! Today Justin and I are reminiscing about the toys we had as kids. Justin started with Battle Beasts – sometimes he’ll randomly say, “Wood! Wood beats water!!!” So he finally decided I should know what he was talking about. Please observe: And I said that I had one My Little Pony, and that […]

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