I am me.

I am me. And that’s all I can be.

I wrote this:

I think back to the dreams I had,
dreams of what my life would be.
Sleepy mornings with milky coffee,
the clink of the spoon stirring in the sugar,
crossword puzzles and a new day.

I dreamed I would bake my own bread,
pull peach pies out of the oven,
write in journals while sipping lattes
at the neighborhood cafe.

I would sit at the bar in the evenings,
enjoying an aperitif, or a glass of champagne.
I would wash dishes by hand in a sinkful of suds,
and he would dry them with flour-sack towels.

I would take long walks, and stop to pick
the loquats that grew from neighbors’ trees.
I would listen to old records,
take afternoon naps,
and read book after book after book.

There would be candlelight,
cool breezes,
twinkle lights,
and him.

And today I realized that it is no longer a dream,
but my life,
and until now I have been too scared to admit
that my life is a dream.

14 responses to “I am me.”

  1. YOU ARE STUNNING!!! I love you so much!

  2. We live blessed lives, even with the snafus in the moments, the arc is a shooting star.

  3. Why is it so hard to admit when we are happy? I guess its a common thing. Thank you for sharing such lovely words and most of all, I am happy for you to be living your dream.

  4. Hey dearie! Galaxy Cafe! I discovered it a few weeks ago because I now live a mile from it! Yay! I’ve had Chicken and Waffles there for the first time ever, it’s sort of odd for me to realize that.

    In other food news, I went to Mike’s Wine Dive today for brunch and it was amazing! Pumpkin french toast, the gingerbread pancakes there were crispy and light, and though it was TOO MUCH, the frito pie omlet was spicy and interesting.

    Miss you!

    1. Oh, fun! Do you live near the Triangle, or down south, or in Clarksville? I haven’t been to Max’s for brunch yet, but that does sound amazing. We like to sit at the bar for fried chicken and wine, but brunch sounds great!

      Miss you, too! Hope all is well!

  5. Gorge! You are a true beauty inside and out.

  6. Beautiful! If only I could grasp this sentiment more often. Mwah!

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