Breakfast: soy mocha. A toast to my last day at the office. 🙂

Lunch: I stopped for some groceries at Central Market and picked up this “French vegetable salad.” I didn’t love it, so I picked out the potatoes and tomatoes and tossed the rest.


Lunch, part 2: I had some leftover pasta and zucchini.

Snack: juicy red plum. It was so juicy I had to stand over the sink to eat it. It rocked.

Afternoon snack: fried pickle chips at Cuatros. I decided to order something crazy and ended up with this bright green drink that had raspberry rum and melon liquor. Bad choice, my friends. It was so sickly sweet and fake. I need to stick to the classics.

Speaking of classics… we decided to hang out at Tigress Pub for the evening. I had a corpse reviver, Justin had a beer. We ran into our friends Mike and Joel there, so we stayed much longer than we had planned. Then Justin, Mike and I headed to Foreign & Domestic for dinner. We felt the need to celebrate some things. We shared everything.

There were two evening specials: This was an amazing pork rillette with toasted brioche and herb salad. I could eat this every day, I think.

The other special was the pork terrine, also tasty, with maybe horseradish? I can’t remember.

Grilled leg of lamb with grilled onions, fennel, and spicy labne. That fennel! Yum.

My favorite of the night: Summer squash ‘tofu’ with succotash, eggplant and sweet onion broth. I think they pureed tofu with summer squash, then reformed it into a square. It was amazing.

Wagyu flank steak, tomatoes and potato butter. There were fried green tomatoes, and tomato chips – so good.

Dessert: brownie sundae topped with cherry caramel and shoestring fries.

And my current favorite, strawberry-rhubarb fried pie with sesame ice cream. Did you ever have a toaster strudel when you were younger? From the freezer section? This is like a toaster strudel on crack.

Coffee, of course. And then we headed back to Tigress Pub!

Mike had one of Jason’s specialty drinks, an aperol Tom Collins. I had Jason’s rum swizzle.

There’s just something wonderful about Tigress Pub.

Can you see me? 🙂

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  1. I LOVE this post! I can totally hear your voice when I read this, and it makes me feel a bit less far away. I want to go to Tigress and F&D with you!

    And the freezer section (or “in your grocer’s freezer”, which I remember too) was always the best part of the grocery store when I was a kid. That’s where the Push Pops (push ’em for flavor) were, for starters.

    1. You should come! Soon! Also, I preferred Otter Pops myself. 😉

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