Category: Daily Eats

  • Tuesday

    Breakfast: iced coffee, in my new reusable cup. I quite like it. Lunch: plain old ramen. Dessert: two chocolate cookies. Dinner: pizza from Spartan. On the left is the Hades: tomato sauce, Italian sausage, green olives, herbed ricotta and pepper flakes. On the right is the Agamemnon: cilantro pesto, chicken tossed with Salt Lick barbecue […]

  • Monday

    Oops, I missed posting a few days. Breakfast: iced coffee. Lunch: I made another salad with the leftover supper club toppings. I forget how much I like iceberg lettuce. Snack: I had a taco with potatoes and red chile. I got this little tin box, and now I’m trying to figure out the perfect use […]

  • Sunday

    Breakfast: toast with butter and jam, iced coffee. Justin had yogurt and fruit, bagel and cream cheese, and womens’ World Cup. (Go USA!) Snack: I was still hungry, so I had a bit of red chile and the rest of Justin’s bagel. 🙂 And then it was time for Supper Club! Justin and I were […]

  • Saturday

    Breakfast: I stopped at the farmers’ market to pick up our growler of cold-brewed coffee from the Tipsies. I got a mocha to go, and I think it’s official – I’ve moved on to less-sweet lattes. Lunch: Ham/swiss/tomato/butter sandwich, plus chips and queso. And Roux. Justin watched the women’s world cup on his iPhone while […]

  • Friday

    Breakfast: soy mocha. A toast to my last day at the office. 🙂 Lunch: I stopped for some groceries at Central Market and picked up this “French vegetable salad.” I didn’t love it, so I picked out the potatoes and tomatoes and tossed the rest. . Lunch, part 2: I had some leftover pasta and […]