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  • Weekend Moments #5

    Hi everybody! I only captured a few small moments of this weekend. We had a lovely dinner at Justine’s on Friday night, then watched Contagion at home (seriously freaky movie). Saturday was waffle day, and a fantastic evening with our friends K. and D., at their Mardi Gras-ish party. Sunday was cooking and baking for […]

  • Weekend Moments #2

    Hi everyone! I made another video of the weekend. It’s fun to capture moving pictures, and it’s nice that all I need is my iPhone. 🙂 We had lots of time with friends, and we got to hang out with lots of puppies! Details: On Friday I had lunch with my friend N. at Kome. […]

  • Randoms

    This is how my coffee looks to me until I drink it: slightly blurry. 🙂 (Thanks, Houndstooth, for always making crazygood coffee.) *   *   *   *   *   *    *   *   * Today I heard a man singing in a stairwell. I happened to pass by the stairwell door at […]

  • Sunday

    Breakfast: toast with butter and jam, iced coffee. Justin had yogurt and fruit, bagel and cream cheese, and womens’ World Cup. (Go USA!) Snack: I was still hungry, so I had a bit of red chile and the rest of Justin’s bagel. 🙂 And then it was time for Supper Club! Justin and I were […]

  • supper club (on film)

    At our last supper club, we had beef fajitas, salsas, guacamole, beans with serrano chiles… And roasted corn slathered with mayonnaise and dipped in cotija cheese and chile… And homemade tortillas and escabeche… And an amazing tres leches cake. I love supper club. 🙂