Breakfast: toast with butter and jam, iced coffee. Justin had yogurt and fruit, bagel and cream cheese, and womens’ World Cup. (Go USA!)

Snack: I was still hungry, so I had a bit of red chile and the rest of Justin’s bagel. 🙂

And then it was time for Supper Club!

Justin and I were hosting at our friends’ home (ours is too small to host), so we brought the main, drink and some dessert. This is my friend A.’s recipe for sangria. We got all crafty and froze a vase full of orange slices and ice to keep it cool, then fished out the marinated fruit and skewered it so it could be added to each glass. We thought it turned out to be lovely.

See! Pretty glass of sangria. Plus cashews, pistachios, and two Mexican cheeses from J. and L.

Chips, queso, and watermelon from B. and A.

B. and A. also brought these amazing jalapeno cheese bread things – I HAVE to get this recipe.

A. and I. brought this gorgeous peach, jalapeno, and farmer’s cheese salad, tossed with herbs from their garden. It was wonderful.

For the main dish, Justin and I made fry bread tacos. I made the tortillas a bit smaller so everyone could have one or two, and we topped it with red chile, lettuce, tomato and cheese. I looooove fry bread tacos.

I forgot to photograph dessert: J. used the leftover fry bread to toss with cinnamon sugar and make bunuelos. We also had the two ice creams I had made this week. Yum.

Midnight snack: I tossed the leftover fry bread toppings (lettuce, tomato and queso chihuahua) into a little salad. It reminded me of this “chopped salad” that I used to get in high school at this tiny diner in west Texas called Hi-Neighbor. Theirs had chunks of ham and egg, and then was tossed with Ranch. I would either order that or a burger and fries, and it was always about $4. I don’t think that place is open anymore.

So Supper Club was great, as usual, though we missed the Coops terribly. You South Americans out there, if you happen to see the Coops roaming around your country, please figure out some way to send them home to me soon. 🙂

4 responses to “Sunday”

  1. Rachel @ boots in the oven

    Holy effing eff, y’all have raised supper club to an art! Looks like such fun. And what a pretty drink for an Austin summer!

    Miss you too. Come roam Argentina with us! (yes, the blog is a whole country behind. Koff.)

    1. Argentina… a bit far for us for tonight, but I’ll look you up on the map and send you a kiss. 🙂

  2. the sangria looks fantastic!! Care to share the recipe?

    1. Sure! We kind of just kept adding stuff until we liked the flavor, but it’s basically: 3 bottles pinot grigio, 2ish bottles grapefruit Izze, juice of 1 large orange, maybe 3 ounces St. Germain, plus cut up raspberries, blackberries, peaches and mint. We let it sit in the refrigerator overnight, and by the next night, the only bad thing was that the raspberries had started to lose color. Other than that, it was perfect! 🙂

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