Oops, I missed posting a few days.

Breakfast: iced coffee.

Lunch: I made another salad with the leftover supper club toppings. I forget how much I like iceberg lettuce.

Snack: I had a taco with potatoes and red chile. I got this little tin box, and now I’m trying to figure out the perfect use for it.

Dinner: We went to a pig roast and cocktail party at Contigo. I didn’t manage to photograph much, AND I forgot to grab a menu, but there were lots of really tasty cocktails and nibbles. These were two white whiskey drinks – I love the spherical ice.

All of the food was based on the roast pig. Blood sausage, pork tenderloin, chicharrones dipped in chocolate, anything and everything pork-related.

Arugula salad with pork heart, crostini with anchovy and pork, roasted pork with lemon zest… anyway, you get the picture. It was very, very good.

And although it was crazy-hot and I got 84 mosquito bites, I really liked Contigo.

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