Breakfast: I stopped at the farmers’ market to pick up our growler of cold-brewed coffee from the Tipsies. I got a mocha to go, and I think it’s official – I’ve moved on to less-sweet lattes.

Lunch: Ham/swiss/tomato/butter sandwich, plus chips and queso. And Roux. Justin watched the women’s world cup on his iPhone while we ate. (Japan! Who knew?!)

Dinner: Fried potato and red chile-beef tacos. We made red chile sauce, then used that to make a ground beef and bean topping for the fry bread tacos we’re making at tomorrow’s supper club. We figured we could spare a bit for our tacos tonight. 🙂

Drink: Justin made us rye old-fashioneds. I’m a cheap date, because I like Old Overholt, which is maybe $14 a bottle.

Dessert: I made another batch of ice cream! This time it’s coffee-stout ice cream, and it’s stupendous. Justin had a coneful, and I had a spoonful, plus a taste of these little Russian butter biscuits and some halva that Justin picked up at the Russian market. Yum.

Snack: Marcona almonds, my favorite. They’re so expensive, though, so I try to eat just a few at a time. And there’s Roux again. I think he likes being in photos.

Snack #2: Plumcot. You need lots of snacks when you’re watching movies – tonight we watched Kung Fu Panda and True Grit, and both were excellent.

I love the library. I can pick up eleventeen books, and if I don’t like one, I can stop reading it and return it. Such freedom! I usually just go straight to the new books section, and pick out a few that look good. That’s how I found The Sea Captain’s Wife, which is now one of my favorite books.

In other news, I seem to have adopted Justin’s schedule. We stay up until 2 or 3am, and sleep in until 9 or 10. This is okay except that I really wanted to start eating breakfast again, and I’m not hungry until lunch. I suppose I could start eating breakfast for lunch, but then when would I eat lunch foods?

Tomorrow, supper club!

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  1. 13, rue therese was wonderful.

    1. Oh, good! It sounds really interesting…

  2. You inspired me to buy the Jeni’s ice cream book, can’t wait to get it in the mail. Sounds delicious!

    1. Yay! Do let me know what flavors you try – I just opened it up to the Summer section and am going down the line.

  3. Sounds lovely! Oh! And for your info: Dan ended up taking me to Cuatros which he declared to be the best sports bar ever! I believe we taco’d up. I had the chipotle chicken and Dan went verde. I must go back for the fried pickles, I’ve never had them before! After that, we stopped by Momoko’s and bought Hello Kitty knicknacks and I had mango-cream shaved ice. 🙂

    The next day, the GP ladies took me to Fino where I had the Gulf Shrimp Risotto daily special and the Fino folks treated me with their delicious Brown Sugar Peach Cake…so sweet, moist, and tasty! I’m terribly excited to find ways to work through your book one meal at a time. =)

    1. Yay, Cuatros! It’s such a cool spot. (Just don’t get the weird green drink.) We hang out there in general for World Cup events or lazy afternoons. 🙂 Also, Momoko just makes me happy. I have lots of stationery from there.

      I’m so glad you liked Fino! And happy happy birthday!

  4. There is nothing I love more than a new pile of library books! Picking up a stack of fresh reads is probably my favorite thing ever.

    1. Me too! And thanks for your comment, as it led me to your lovely blog. 🙂

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