Day in my life #2

Hi guys! I decided to do another day-in-my-life post today. It felt like such a busy day!

8:30a Justin is up. I am not. It’s cold outside of the bed, and the kitties are swarming me to keep me warm. I stay snuggled in and read blogs on my phone.

10:00a Justin comes in to check on me. I tell him it’s way too cold to get out of bed. He hands me my warm pajama pants and waits until I’m up and in them. He spoils me.

10:15a Hot cocoa!

10:20a Downstairs to work on the book. Answer emails, convert recipes, organize chapters. It takes me an hour to write up one recipe, because the ingredients are so foreign, it’s poorly organized, and the amounts are not usable terms. Ah, chefs. I chat online with my friend E. about writing and chefs and recipes.

11:45a I decide I need food before I tackle the next recipe. Shower and head to lunch.

12:30p After a weekend of heavy food and cocktails, I’m craving some nourishing veggies and beans, which means Casa de Luz. After a vegetable soup and a salad, I receive this plate of goodness, with greens and veggies and pickle and beans and grains and yum. There are three men at the table next to me who are also enjoying their veggies, while talking of eating Schlotzky’s and Lucy’s Fried Chicken.

1:15p Back to the casa for more work. I’m tackling another difficult recipe, but I’m losing steam.

1:50p Internet break! Highlights:

2:25p Oops! Too long of a break! I rush through prepping for my meeting at 3pm.

2:45p Out the door and headed to my meeting.

3:00p Meet with Jam at Thai Fresh to talk recipes and background for the book. She is so pretty in her black dress and silver belt, with a flower in her hair.

3:45p I can’t seem to leave places without buying something. Fish sauce for Justin and Thai tea for me.

3:50p I make a wrong turn, like I always do, around the Southwest Parkway area on my way to Target. I thankfully end up in front of Specs, which is one of the places I needed to go. I go straight for the goods: Old Overholt Rye, St. Germaine, Michael’s Celtic Irish Cream, and El Dorado 12 Year Rum. The cashier doesn’t card me – his sign says he will card anyone under the age of 30. I sadly realize I am not under the age of 30, and I don’t look it, either.

4:05p I make it to Target! Commence filling my basket – shelf extenders, towel baskets, magazine holders, litter, paper towels… and a few surprises for Justin and friends.

5:10p I make it OUT of Target. The gal in the line next to me gave me the sweetest smile, and had such a twinkle in her eye. I love happy people.

5:25p Home, unload, give Justin his Valentine SweeTarts. It’s a tradition – I always give him holiday SweeTarts in fun shapes.

5:45p After being in restaurants for lunch and my meeting, I smell like I’ve been deep-fried. It’s in my hair! Quick shower and fun texts with friends.

6:15p Back downstairs to work on the book.

7:05p We’re out the door and headed north to Asia Cafe for a huge dinner with friends to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Happy Year of the Dragon!

7:30p We all gather around a huge lazy Susan table and order way too much food. Then, somehow, we eat almost all of it. There’s pork with mustard greens, pork with chiles, crispy duck, dumplings, spicy fish, salt and pepper squid, ma po tofu, bok choy with mushrooms, pork with sweet potato, cucumber salad, pickles, rice… I can’t remember everything we ate. My favorites were the spicy fish, the salt and pepper squid, and the ma po tofu.

Eleven people can eat a lot of food. And drink a lot of Riesling. I love that P., P., and W. all had plaid shirts, beards, and glasses.

9:30p We all part ways and head home. We pass a Krispy Kreme and decide we just have to stop and buy a few doughnuts for a snack and breakfast. We haven’t had Krispy Kremes in… a few years, maybe?

I choose a chocolate iced, chocolate-creme filled doughnut that is out-of-this-world good. I thought it would have white cream, but CHOCOLATE?! It was so good that with every bite, I’d say, “Mmmmmmmmmm.”

9:45p We grab our laptops and hang out on the couch, blogging and watching movies and digesting. I’m headed to bed soon, I think.

Good night, everyone!

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  1. Ah! Why did you have to do this to me? For a week I have been daydreaming of a chocolate iced donut with sprinkles! You just may see one show up in my Instagram feed, thanks:-)

    1. Mwahaha… I love being a sprinkles enabler! 🙂

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