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  • Day in my life #2

    Hi guys! I decided to do another day-in-my-life post today. It felt like such a busy day! 8:30a Justin is up. I am not. It’s cold outside of the bed, and the kitties are swarming me to keep me warm. I stay snuggled in and read blogs on my phone. 10:00a Justin comes in to […]

  • Weekend Moments

    Hi guys! I made another video of tiny moments of my weekend. I tried to keep each clip really short, so it would just be a kind of glimpse at things. Details: On Friday we met friends at Nubian Queen Lola’s for dinner. We shared gumbo with cornbread. I had the best fried catfish and […]

  • Oh, hi!

    Internets! I’ve been away. There’s been a lot of this going on (see above), but I think I have finally come ’round the bend, and am feeling better. It’s been a rough winter, but thanks to help from lots of friends and family and docs, I believe the worst of it is over. I’m still […]

  • Randoms

    This is Bela, the neighborhood cat. He comes to visit us a lot. *  *  *  *  *  * Today I felt like cooking. Brunch was leftover cornbread dressing, made into patties and pan-fried, topped with fried eggs. Dinner was conchas cooked with a bit of leftover bean broth and tomatoes, topped with cheese and […]

  • Monday things

    It’s been a busy week for me (but not for Roux). My book signing/sale at the downtown farmers’ market went swimmingly – afterward I was completely pooped out, and my cheeks were sore from smiling so much! I’ve been reading An Everlasting Meal (still), the latest Lucky Peach, my copy of the first issue of Kinfolk, […]