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  • Randoms

    This is Bela, the neighborhood cat. He comes to visit us a lot. *  *  *  *  *  * Today I felt like cooking. Brunch was leftover cornbread dressing, made into patties and pan-fried, topped with fried eggs. Dinner was conchas cooked with a bit of leftover bean broth and tomatoes, topped with cheese and […]

  • Wednesday

    Today I woke up to smoke. All of Austin was under a haze of smoke from the wildfires in nearby Bastrop. It’s a veil, hanging everywhere. It’s hard to believe that so much fire has devastated so many homes and lives, and it’s still raging, so close by. I got a haircut, then stopped at […]

  • 2011 Goals

    I’m not so good at resolutions. Or… I’m great at making them, but not so great at keeping them. Still, I love how hopeful it feels to make these year-long goals. I usually forget to make them reasonable (I will read 52 books! I will exercise every day! I will never eat at a restaurant […]

  • Wednesday Twenty.

    This was my Wednesday, in 20 photos. It feels like fall in the mornings. This is the man in the moon. I had to stop and get gas. I looked up. And I looked across the street. Music for my morning commute: Teenage Dream. Thanks, Glee. There’s a dry cleaners next to my Starbucks. Lots […]

  • I love film. And cats.

    I had been wanting an old film camera for a while, and I had read that Pentax and Yashica were good options… so I found a Yashica FRII on Craigslist and snatched it up. I’ve had it for months, but haven’t had a chance to play with it. I finally took it with me the […]