two twenty-nine

On Leap Day, 2012…

Roux watched the birds and squirrels from inside the screen door. We heard the doves: bee DOO, doooo, doooo.

I learned about vocal fry, which I’m fairly certain I’m guilty of.

Justin made my coffee with plenty of sugar and cream, just how I like it.

I stretched, because I’m old and achy. I am 30 days away from my 34th birthday.

I figured out which messenger bag I want, now that I’ll be scooting to our office.

I had a frozen burrito for lunch.

I texted with my friend Rachel, who is currently in Vietnam, and will be home in 11 weeks. I can’t wait.

I decided that since I like tripe, I will probably like lampredotto.

I painted my toenails.

I read a few pages of the latest Frankie Magazine on my iPad.

I solved crossword puzzles.

Bill Cunningham encouraged me to add more color to my wardrobe.

I tried on outfits. My mirror is dusty.

I waited for Justin to pick me up for dinner at Foreign & Domestic. We ate:

sunchoke soup :: lardo with toast, radishes and Nutella :: squid with chorizo and ricotta :: pappardelle with truffle butter, soft egg, and lardo :: roasted acorn squash curry :: lemon cake with caramel ice cream :: chocolate cashew tart with blood orange sorbet :: apple and cherry strudel with ginger ice cream.

It was delicious, as always.

Also of note: Our friend Paul Qui won Top Chef!

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

5 responses to “two twenty-nine”

  1. YAY PAUL! And I am so happy to see the flower pants – they are cute!

    Funny – our conversation looks exactly backwards from your perspective. :-p

    It’s so great seeing a snapshot of your day!

    1. Yes, YAY!! Flower pants and Paul and 11 weeks!

  2. GAH, SPOILER ALERT, I DIDN’T WATCH LAST NIGHT’S FINALE YET! Oh well, who couldn’t have predicted his win anyway?

    Interesting article about vocal fry. My sister is totally guilty of uptalk and I’m totally guilty of saying “like” too much. And “totally”, obvi. Oh, and shortening words like “obviously” to “obvi”. Eek.

    Also, I didn’t know you could read Frankie on Ipad. I wonder if I can get it on my Kindle Fire…

    I plan to submit my day too, although I think I’m going to submit anonymously since my day was pretty dramatic and crappy and blech. But it would make an interesting counter to all the other happy, “pretty” days like yours, I guess.

    1. Doh! Yes, it’s all over the newspapers and twitter and Facebook and blogs! I read Frankie on my Zinio app, which you can also use on iPhone or online.

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