Wednesday Twenty.

This was my Wednesday, in 20 photos.

It feels like fall in the mornings.

This is the man in the moon.

I had to stop and get gas. I looked up.

And I looked across the street.

Music for my morning commute: Teenage Dream. Thanks, Glee.

There’s a dry cleaners next to my Starbucks.

Lots of people waiting in line.

They’re already using Christmas cups.

Walton’s has such good branding.

It was oddly foggy.

I like to have plenty of options for writing utensils at work. And a handwritten to-do list, though it usually fills up a whole page.

I had lunch with Andy and Lars at Somnio’s Cafe.

Andy had orange pork tacos.

I had a vermicelli bowl with tofu.

Lars was a little grumpy.

After work, the moon was out.

Bela was guarding the front door when I got home.

We made French toast for dinner, along with espresso with a bit of milk and a bit of Michael’s Irish Cream.

We watched a few episodes of Mad Men. We’re still on season two.

We got snacky, so we went to 24 Diner for some chili cheese fries, bubbly and beer. Actually, it was my sister’s comment on my last post, about her dinner of chili dogs and beer, that made us crave chili cheese fries and then go get them. So it’s her fault.

After chili cheese fries, it was back home, and time to blog. All in all, a very good Wednesday. 🙂

19 responses to “Wednesday Twenty.”

  1. A perfect Wednesday, I think.

  2. oh, lovely, it’s like we spent the day with you 🙂

    1. Yep, I’m thinking of doing these day-in-my-life posts more often… I like kind of forcing myself to use my camera a bit more.

  3. Christmas cups love them… But still waiting, in Polish tv, for coca-cola’s commercial… 🙂

    1. It shouldn’t be long now! I’m seeing Christmas ads everywhere.

  4. I love this idea and hope you do more like this in the future! It’s so fun!

    Also…I cannot get over how freakishly similar we are when it comes to how we like to work! I also have a handwritten to-do list that I update each day (and highlight off the things I’ve completed). And I also have a black pen, red pen, highlighter, and sharpie out and lined up on my desk (plus a ruler for straight writing/underlining/looking through long lists of data).

    1. I would like to do more of these! I have meant to do this (or a video) over the weekends, but never seem to get it together. Maybe this weekend I’ll get it done!

      Also, weirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! I do have my ruler neatly stowed in my top drawer, too. And I mark through completed items with a single line, but otherwise, we are eerily alike in our geekiness. 🙂

  5. OOPS! haha! sorry about that! It was good though!

    1. It sounded good! And the chili cheese fries were great. 🙂

  6. It was so great to see you. Lars and I feel so honored to make the blog!

    1. Yay! I’m going to gather up all the photos I took of him to send to you this weekend. Or maybe put them on flickr for you to grab?

  7. Loved it! 🙂 Your wednesday made me happy on Thursday 😉

    1. So glad to bring you happy thoughts! 🙂

  8. Hey Doll!

    Abosolutely love the pictures! Makes me feel like I get to spend the day with my tia! Miss you so much! BTW I absolutely am in love with Katy Perry! Tell Tio I said hola & miss/love him! And of course I <3 You!

    Love, Your shoebox girl!

    1. I miss you too, shoebox girl! I hope you’re doing well, I know you must be exhausted/stressed with nursing school…

  9. your shoes are adorable 🙂

  10. that does sound like a lovely wednesday- thanks for taking us through your day! and your lunch seems super yum

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