I love film. And cats.

I had been wanting an old film camera for a while, and I had read that Pentax and Yashica were good options… so I found a Yashica FRII on Craigslist and snatched it up. I’ve had it for months, but haven’t had a chance to play with it. I finally took it with me the other day when we took a walk, and I LOVE it. I’m still figuring out all the settings – I had a few things wrong on this roll, but I know that with each roll, I’ll only get better. (And I completely ruined the first roll by somehow tearing it in two midway through… thankfully, it’s been so long since I took those photos that I don’t remember what they were.)

We ran into a lot of kitty cats on our walk.

I can’t wait to take more photos.

8 responses to “I love film. And cats.”

  1. I also love film and cats and I’m looking forward to more of these. That light is perfect and I’m about to reach in and steal that ginger up top- what a sweetheart!

    1. He was sweet! We must live in cat-ville, because we run into several friendly kitty cats every time we walk around the hood.

  2. i don’t have a yashika but have a pentax. love love love the pentax. i’m trying to restore it. i’m glad you’re enjoying film! can’t wait to see more.

    1. Ooh, let me know when you use it, and what photos come from it! I’m so interested in seeing the differences in film and cameras and such.

  3. I love film! I also really like developing it – I did that for the first time the other day in photography class, and it was a LOT of fun. My negatives actually came out 😀 I have a Nikon film camera that used to be my dad’s. So much funnnn!

    1. That does sound fun! Justin took a photography class or two in college, and I would go hang out with him in the darkroom while he developed stuff. I remember the smell. 🙂

  4. omg…kitty kats are my favorite part of walks! early morning walks are the best cause they all come out and sit in their front yards to greet the day.

    1. Yeh, we usually see them at dusk, when they’re guarding their lawns. 🙂

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