This probably doesn’t mean much to anyone but me, but I finally organized the bag situation at Casa Brasil. It made me so happy to see all those bags in their own little spaces. 🙂

Breakfast at Joe’s Bakery: picadillo taco and bean and cheese taco. After our early-morning jaunt to organize coffee bags, we stopped for breakfast at Joe’s. Joe’s on a weekday morning is heaven – everything is slow-paced, and there’s just a different feel to it. Also, Joe’s beans are my favorite beans ever.

Lunch: same as yesterday – bread, butter, ham, Swiss.

Dinner: linguine with shredded zucchini, from Super Natural Every Day. People. I love this book already. Justin tasted this dish and said, “we have to have this once a week.”

Dessert: I finished making the ice cream! This is sweet corn and blackberry-raspberry ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. People! I love this book, too. This ice cream is so freakin’ amazing – the texture is perfect, it tastes amazing, and it’s gorgeous. Tomorrow I’m picking up ingredients for another batch, this time a coffee-stout flavor. Yum.

Little LOVES to snuggle with Justin when he sits in the living room. She’ll curl up and get comfy in two seconds flat, and then she’ll keep snuggling in until she ends up like this, snuggled into his neck. It’s super cute.

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