Category: Fun stuff

  • A Bajillion Photos

    So as we’ve been trying out new restaurants, I’ve been taking photos. Lots of photos. Some with my fancy-pants DSLR, some with my iPhone. I finally took the time to upload a huge batch of them last night, and I added them to my flickr page. I’m not going to blog about all of them […]

  • Shameless Plea

    Hi guys… if you like reading my blog, and you’re feeling generous, wanna go over here, under Food and Drink, and vote for me for best local food blog in the Austin Chronicle’s Best Of Austin 2010 poll? You don’t have to vote for anything else on the page if you don’t want to. 🙂 […]

  • 4th of July Weekend video

    Hola internets! Here’s a 5-minute video mashup of our weekend, if you’re at all interested (and I completely understand if you’re not). 🙂 So I’m slowly learning how to use iMovie… next I have to figure out how to SPEAK LOUDLY so the microphone picks up what I’m saying. I’ve increased the microphone volume as […]

  • A new camera! And my first movie!

    So we bought a new camera. No, it’s not the Fuji Instax (though that’s probably next)… it’s this super-cute, teensy tiny digital Harinezumi 2. (Did I mention how much I love Photojojo?) It shoots lovely vintagey, grainy video and lo-fi stills in color or black and white. You can shoot in the macro mode, and […]

  • Pinterest!

    So I’ve started yet another project… I’ve been collecting images forever, and I sometimes share them on my twinkle lights blog, but mostly they just go into my Evernote. Now I’m saving them to Pinterest, which is a super-cool site that allows you to pin images from all over the web, categorize them, tag them, […]