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  • Gipsy-obsessed.

    Guys. I found this guy on YouTube who makes lovely videos with the simplest, most beautiful recipes. He’s Spanish, so I’ve been translating his recipes so I can use them later, but even if you don’t speak Spanish, the videos are worth watching because they’re so dang gorgeous. Everything is styled as rustic, as if […]

  • A beautiful mess.

    One night, we went to Kate & David’s home to eat bangers and mash and make cranberry-popcorn garlands and paper snowflakes. We read tarot cards, listened to old tunes, and had a wonderful time. At the end of the evening, there were popcorn crumbs, paper clippings, and bits of string all over the living room […]

  • Cutest.

  • Wish List 01

    Note to self: These are the things you want to buy soon. Faceted Apatite Ring Pok Pok cookbook Sabine Cage Pumps Black High Top Chuck Taylors Cafe au lait bowl Beautiful Day tote bag Black lace slip extender Handmade leather ballet flats (And these boots, while I’m at it) A subscription to the Runcible Spoon

  • Derby Day!

    Every year, we look forward to Derby Day. We get dolled up in our finest and spend the day at a farm drinking mint juleps and cheering on random horses (whichever has the best name) and generally having a great time. This is all thanks to our wonderful friends David and Joe, who host the […]

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