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  • Daily Eats: Saturday

  • Daily Eats: Friday

    Some days I don’t realize that I haven’t had a proper lunch until after I’ve had eleventy snacks. At least my snacks were mostly healthy? 😀

  • Daily Eats: Thursday

    I saw someone on YouTube make a green pea-avocado toast, so I wanted to try it. It was good, but the peas made the whole thing pretty sweet. I am lucky enough to have two bags of frozen, uncooked tamales from my mama. I steamed them up in the InstantPot, and they are AMAZING. I […]

  • Letters #22

    Dear Husband, Thank you for loving me, even when I’m sad or angry or worried or stressed or nauseous or in The Hole. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m so glad you do. Dear COVID-19, You suck. That is all. Dear BTS, Thank you for providing music and stories and photos and […]

  • Pool Burger

    It just doesn’t feel like we’ve really returned to ATX until we go to Pool Burger. 🙂 They have the best burgers – plus crinkle fries! And really, really good pineapple lemonade. Any time the weather is super nice, and it’s midday, and a burger sounds remotely good, this is where we go. 😎

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