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  • Whisler’s

    Sometimes a place and a time is so lovely you just have to photograph it. That is all.

  • Birthday weekend

    Friday started with snacks on the patio with our neighbors. Then J and I walked to Clark’s for oysters and a burger. On Saturday morning, we hopped into Aimee & Josh’s car with their cute llamas. We headed to Sweet Berry Farm near Marble Falls to pick strawberries! We got to pet the donkeys and […]

  • Lately

    This week our Chef de Cuisine, Anthony, left us to go back to his hometown of NYC. I miss him already. Incidentally, this is what happens when you take one too many photos of a chef at work. One benefit of working in a restaurant is this: every now and then (rarely, unfortunately), there is […]

  • Life in photos

    I got a new phone! Well, my old phone was broken, and the little power button wouldn’t work, and also it wouldn’t hold a charge for very long, and hey! I got a new phone! And it comes with this nifty 8-megapixel camera, which makes me happy. I haven’t been lugging around my dSLR lately, […]

  • Derby Day!

    Every year, we look forward to Derby Day. We get dolled up in our finest and spend the day at a farm drinking mint juleps and cheering on random horses (whichever has the best name) and generally having a great time. This is all thanks to our wonderful friends David and Joe, who host the […]

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