Category: Fun stuff

  • L’Auberge Espagnole

    Just watched this… loved it! It’s really, really funny, and it has totally re-inspired me to learn French. And brush up on my Spanish. And pick up whatever other languages I can. It’s amazing to me that these Europeans speak English, and French, and Spanish, and German… and here I am with my English and […]

  • Happy things

    So many things make me happy these days… Online photobooths, in French! Newlyweds. Finding Alexander Family Farms eggs at our corner grocery… and weekend breakfasts. Handmade gifts from my mama… like this insanely awesome crochet poinsettia pin. Finding wonderful friends, and never getting tired of them. And this man… He’s just so… Perfect. Happy Sunday, […]

  • Thanksgiving in Louisiana

    We had a wonderful time in Louisiana! Here’s a quick run-down of our holiday: Wednesday Got up early and drove to Mandeville, LA, where Logan’s family lives. Stopped for kolaches at Kountry Bakery in Schulenberg, TX. Stopped for boudin, boudin balls, and yam sticks at The Sausage Link in Sulphur, LA. Stopped for more boudin, […]

  • For you Twilight fans…

    This is HILARIOUS. From, here it is: How Twilight should have ended. 🙂

  • Tumbling…

    … over here at the moment. A nice break from food blogging. 🙂