Guys. I found this guy on YouTube who makes lovely videos with the simplest, most beautiful recipes. He’s Spanish, so I’ve been translating his recipes so I can use them later, but even if you don’t speak Spanish, the videos are worth watching because they’re so dang gorgeous. Everything is styled as rustic, as if you lived in a tent or an old country house, with handed-down dishes and rough surfaces and of course, amazing light. I know that it’s styled, and not necessarily true-to-life, but why can’t it be? Why can’t we create a life that is beautiful and rustic?

For example, if you were the Gipsy Chef:

You could have this gorgeous old pot for cooking quince paste in the forest.

worn pot for camping

And then you’d use a vintage knife to spread that goodness onto your toast.

awesome spreader for jam 2

Of course you’d keep your whipped cream in an old enamel cup.

whipped cream in an enamel coffee cup

Speaking of enamel cups, you’d also use one to mix softened butter with whole grain mustard, minced cilantro stems, and lemon juice.

mixing butter in an enamel coffee cup

You’d have this simple but beautiful scalloped bowl that you’d casually use to mix pancake batter.

using pretty scalloped bowl as mixing bowl

You’d use an old cookie tin filled with vintage silverware to weigh down fish while you cured it with salt, sugar, and berries.

using cookie tin with spoons as weight

You’d just flip over a pan lid to transfer a perfectly fried egg to your plate.

pan lid for transferring fried egg

You’d have super-juicy citrus that you’d juice by hand with a fork into a glass for breakfast.

juicing grapefruit with a fork

You’d use a giant block of butter to grease your griddle.

giant block of butter for greasing pan

You’d steep spices, lemon peel, and sugar with milk and tea leaves, then pour that over cocoa to make chocolate tea.

choco te - star anise in milk

And you’d do it on an old table outside.


Seriously. Go check him out. This video is a good place to start – somehow he makes breakfast sexy.

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