• Don’t Let Me Down

    Sometimes, when the world feels a little crazy, I look for this video. It’s the rooftop, and the wind, and the fur coats and the Bobby hats, and George laughing, and the cameraman in the shot, and the way the song just feels like a bit of fear and a bit of hope, and the […]

  • Cutest.

  • Weekend Moments #7

    Hey guys! I actually took video snapshots of my weekend! This little video is for my new pal Sarah (it was great to meet you on Friday!). 🙂 Highlights: Friday: We checked out Jodi and Rosie’s awesome desserts at a Fusebox Festival event, then had snacks at Contigo and desserts at F&D. Saturday: I walked […]

  • Weekend Moments #6

    Hey guys! It’s time for another weekend video! Details: On Friday, we had a long, lovely dinner at Fabi + Rosi. We visited their chickens, sat on the patio under the chandelier, and chatted with Wolfgang. It was lovely. On Saturday, we walked around downtown to check out the SXSW happenings. So many people! So […]

  • Weekend Moments #5

    Hi everybody! I only captured a few small moments of this weekend. We had a lovely dinner at Justine’s on Friday night, then watched Contagion at home (seriously freaky movie). Saturday was waffle day, and a fantastic evening with our friends K. and D., at their Mardi Gras-ish party. Sunday was cooking and baking for […]