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  • Doughnuts!

    I made some doughnuts. Pumpkin doughnuts with cinnamon sugar, and some with maple glaze. I had seen doughnuts popping up all over the internets and decided I’d make some, too. Mmm… doughnuts. I took some to the studio to share with peeps. Those people are probably going to gain weight this winter, because I’m on […]

  • Happiness is a Saturday morning, music playing, the sounds of my love chopping vegetables and humming from the kitchen.

  • Bits and bites

    Dinner when you don’t have many groceries in the house: grilled cheese and tomato soup. And seriously? We need to have this more often, because it’s delicious. Daytime snack: frozen banana-peanut butter-almond milk smoothie. Kinda perfect. This weekend I organized our books by color, because I’m nerdy like that. I also did laundry, and trash, […]

  • Oats

    Today’s oatmeal: Dried cranberries, walnuts, banana, almond milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, inspired by Ingrid. I recently found this little gal on youtube, and I’m totally in love with her. She’s tiny and cute, with this youthful exuberance and makeup knowledge that is too much fun. I think most of her audience is made up of […]

  • Home.

    The new place is starting to feel like it’s ours. Not everything has its place yet, but we know where we eat, where we sleep, where we work, and where the cats are. So all is good.♥

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