Weekend Moments #7

Hey guys! I actually took video snapshots of my weekend! This little video is for my new pal Sarah (it was great to meet you on Friday!). 🙂


  • Friday: We checked out Jodi and Rosie’s awesome desserts at a Fusebox Festival event, then had snacks at Contigo and desserts at F&D.
  • Saturday: I walked to Caffe Medici for iced coffee, then we worked (me on the book, J on design stuff). Justin brought Thundercloud sandwiches for lunch, which fueled us for more work. In the evening, we met Linds and Chad at their place and walked to F&D for dinner, then hung out at Drink.Well. for a while, where we were lucky enough to run into Liz. When we got home, we discovered that our innocent kitties had opened the cabinet, found their bag of “treats” (it’s really just dry Science Diet, but they love it), and gnawed THROUGH the bag to eat them. Naughty kitties.
  • Sunday: I couldn’t sleep, so I got up at 5:00 a.m. and FINISHED WRITING THE BOOK. (!!!) The kitties kept me company. I edited and grammar-checked during the day. I got to try one of Rosie’s amazing chocolate croissants (which are served at brunch at F&D) – they’re so delicious! Later, Justin and I made banana pancakes, scrambled eggs with Gruyere, and coffee for lunch. That evening, we had a quick dinner at Cipollina – broccoli soup, mussels, and salami pizza. Afterward, we had sazeracs with Kate and D., and then it was time for bed and editing and such.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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  1. Great to meet you this weekend, too! I love following your food and drink adventures!

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