Tag: Roux

  • The things that help

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails. The last thing I feel right now is brave, but hearing you all say that makes me feel better. I decided to make a list (because you know I love lists) of things that help, things that make me happy. Above, firepits. Preferably with marshmallows […]

  • Music Monday, from The Hole

    And just like that, the Thanksgiving holiday is over. How did that happen? Honestly, I had so many plans for this weekend, but I was feeling pretty down, so we just stayed home. We did go to Justin’s parents’ place on Thanksgiving day, and we did get out to watch The Girl Who Kicked The […]

  • Oh, hi!

    Just me and Roux in the kitchen. Tonight I’m braising Farmhouse cabbage in cream, rinsing Farmhouse lettuce for salads, and sauteing some stuffed chicken breasts for dinner. If we can somehow stay awake, we’re planning on going to a midnight screening for SXSW. We’ll see if we make it!

  • I love these guys.

    She likes to hide in the curtains. He’s so sweet. Most of the time. I like it when he sleeps on his head.

  • We’re all friends again.

    A week after the move, the kitty cats are finally friends again. At first Roux would hiss at Miette every time she got near him, so she spent most of her time hiding. Apparently they’re over it. Now they’re giving each other baths and snuggling with me on the couch. Oh yeah, was I supposed […]