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  • Happy Friday!

  • Introducing…Miette!

    This is our new baby. She was one of four kittens that we found outside our office, thin and hungry and seemingly alone. A few of us stayed late one night to play “Capture the Kittens,” and then we found homes for all of them. I loved Miette from the beginning…she was definitely the most […]

  • True love

    He has beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. He’s muscular, athletic, and inquisitive. He likes to snuggle at night, and he likes to just hang out with me in silence as I read or craft. I love my kitty cat. On the other hand, he wakes me up at 6:00 a.m. every day, by scratching at […]

  • Happy Birthday, dear kitty…

    Today is Roux’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe he’s already four. It seems like just yesterday he was curling up in the CD rack. Now he could probably eat the CD rack. Happy birthday, Roux!

  • What a life

    Here’s our wild and crazy cat, posing as a calm, quiet kitty for you all. But really, he’s crazy! He runs around the living room and jumps at small noises. He peels out in the bathroom and makes indoor cat noise at birds and squirrels outside the window. He chases his tail and cries pathetically […]