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  • Roux

    A few nights ago, I woke up because Roux was snoring so hard. I turned over, and was suddenly face-to-face with him, purring loudly, perched between my head and Justin’s. This is his thing lately – sleeping between our heads. And eventually, sometime in the middle of the night, Little cuddles up next to him, […]

  • 30 Photos

    Sandra started this, and then Kate joined in, so now I’m doing it, too. 1 :: someone I spend a lot of time with 2 :: a picture of myself 3 :: a picture of someone in my family 4 :: a picture of something that makes me happy 5 :: an old picture of […]

  • Wednesday

    Breakfast: chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese (I only ate half – I prefer plain bagels, but the store was out of them), and a tiny Juicy Juice. They’re much sweeter than I remember – another thing I suppose I’ve grown out of. :/ Lunchy snack: some crackers with tuna salad. Roux wanted some. Dinner: […]

  • Weekend stuff

    Brunch: crescent rolls with ham, and some with nutella, plus coffee with soy milk and vanilla sugar (made by my friend Cheri, from vanilla beans she brought back from Dubai!). Roux wanted to go outside with Justin. But instead he took a nap with Little. Well! I didn’t plan to take a blog break, but […]

  • kittehs and a change

    So I’m switching up the blog a bit. Now that I’m photographing Daily Eats, I’m taking fewer non-food photos, and am finding less to say in regular blog posts. I’m going to put Daily Eats on the front page of poco-cocoa for now, right along with the other posts, since they seem to have become […]