Tag: cocktails

  • Wednesday

    Lunch: sandwich with buttered bread, ham and Swiss. It’s my favorite. Snack: Mocha soy frappuccino. I like the iced mochas better. Dinner: We ate at Takoba. We shared guacamole and ceviche… Plus a lovely bowl of posole. I had a mojito, and Justin had a michelada. Their micheladas are the bomb. To continue my rum […]

  • Tiny Manhattan

    I am so excited that my friend and colleague J. bought me these teensy glasses as a parting gift from my office job. I’ve been wanting them FOREVER, and a couple of days ago I came home to a box with my name on it, filled with eight of these babies. They’re so freakin’ cute! […]

  • Derby Day

    We had so much fun at the Tipsy Texan Derby Day Party! Lots of gals in great dresses and hats, and dandy-dressed guys, and mint juleps and hot browns and horse races. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. 🙂

  • Drinks on film

    The Ginger Man Lamberts Houndstooth Coffee Me + film = happy. 🙂 We just watched Coco Before Chanel. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about tomboy/menswear clothing, and this just sealed the deal. Of course, I don’t think I’m quite ready to get rid of my dresses and heels, but I love the androgynous image […]

  • Wednesday

    Breakfast: cinnamon roll and vanilla bean tea. One of my coworkers picked up cinnamon rolls, then warmed them up in our work oven for everyone, just because. Isn’t that nice? Lunch: caldo and crispy taco at Joe’s. Again. My friend A. had never been there, so of course I had to introduce her to my […]