Tag: cocktails

  • Tigress Pub

    A list of things I love about the Tigress Pub: Teensy tiny bar, with just a few seats in the whole place. Owned and run by our friend Pam, who’s so much fun. She’s never been a bartender, never worked in a bar, never owned a bar. She just wanted to do it, and she […]

  • Bar Congress

    I love, love, love Bar Congress. It’s tiny, cozy, swank and yet approachable, and the drinks are fantastic. Both times we’ve gone, Adam was behind the bar making lovely cocktails. Above is my Palmetto Cocktail, made with rum, vermouth and orange bitters. In the back is Justin’s Tam Tam Swizzle. They have a small food menu […]

  • Friday

    Breakfast at work: coffee and a doughnut. I tried the French roast coffee pod at work, but I didn’t like it, so I switched to hot chai. My coworker brought in doughnuts, and it reminded me of Nick. He often brought doughnuts on fridays. Lunch: egg in the hole topped with avocado, Farmhouse salad greens […]

  • Spring rolls and miso soup

    Justin really does go all out on our dinners at home. Twice so far he’s made spring rolls, which is kind of a tedious thing to make. He fills them with rice noodles, lettuce, cilantro, fried tofu, blanched carrots, and avocado. And then he makes homemade peanut sauce. I contribute to these meals by making […]

  • Austin Eats, Friday: FINO

    I did a great job of cooking all week… but once Friday hit, it was all over. We were back in the restaurant groove. 🙂  (All photos below are from my iPhone… sorry about the poor quality!) Friday evening, dinner at FINO. We sat at the bar and chatted with Bill while he mixed up […]