Drinks on film

  1. The Ginger Man
  2. Lamberts
  3. Houndstooth Coffee

Me + film = happy. 🙂

We just watched Coco Before Chanel. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about tomboy/menswear clothing, and this just sealed the deal. Of course, I don’t think I’m quite ready to get rid of my dresses and heels, but I love the androgynous image of slacks and a tailored shirt, flats and short hair, ties and suspenders and plaid. It’s definitely time to go thrifting!

2 responses to “Drinks on film”

  1. yes to film, drinks, coffee and thrifting!

    1. I really really have to go thrifting this week! I keep procrastinating, but I need some menswear. 🙂

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