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Dinner of champions

March 11, 2005
photo by justin

So you’re poor, you say? Can’t afford elaborate meals or tons of veggies? No time to cook? Looking for something fast, healthy, and yummy?

There are so many quick and easy meals you can prepare with things you have in your pantry. Take this meal, for example. We had a bit of angel hair left in the box, so I boiled it up and tossed it with a little olive oil and freshly ground black pepper. While that was cooking, I heated a little olive oil in a pan, added some chopped garlic (one or two cloves) and some sliced zucchini (I used two, halved lengthwise and sliced into moon-shapes). I cooked that for a bit, until the zucchini started to get softer with lovely golden edges. Then I added one can of chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained, and one can of basil and garlic flavored diced tomatoes, stirred it all up, and let it simmer while the pasta cooked. When everything is hot and ready, just plate it up, sprinkle some fresh grated Parmesan cheese on top, and serve with a simple salad (we like field greens or spinach, whole peeled carrots, sliced tomatoes, and some dressing). Voila! It’s a 30-minute meal that’s also inexpensive.

We vary this recipe a lot…if we have fresh mushrooms or maybe bell pepper, we’ll throw that in with the zucchini. If we don’t have chickpeas, we might leave them out or try another bean (like cannellini beans). If we don’t feel like having pasta, we might saute up some rounds of polenta.

It’s a meatless meal that still has some protein from the beans, tons of veggies, and very little added fat (good fats from the olive oil, and a little bit from the cheese). You could use whole-wheat pasta to boost up the fiber, or try it with whole-wheat couscous, brown rice, or even bulgur.

Just an idea in case you were pondering what to make for dinner…

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Let freedom ring…

March 10, 2005
photo by justin

The past week has been full of changes for me. I left my job as a community nutritionist, which I had started one year ago (to the day). I decided that I was ready for a change, for a new challenge, and possibly even a new career path. I was tired of being the lone nutritionist in a sea of patients, most of whom preferred not to use the nutrition advice I had given them. It was difficult to face each day full of unsuccessful attempts at improving patients’ health, and hour after hour of no-shows.

So I accepted a job at a vet clinic just a few blocks from my home. I was so excited…the place seemed fun, full of fuzzy animals and friendly people, and hey, it was just a 5 minute walk from home! I was told I could make my own schedule, work as many hours as I wanted, and still make a fairly good hourly wage. Sounded perfect.

Too bad the vet clinic was run by Dr. Drill Sergeant. I spent one day in the clinic and knew it was not something I could subject myself to on a daily basis. The policy manual dictated the correct dialogue to use when addressing the Drill Sergeant: “Dr. Drill Sergeant, sir, your 9:00 appointment is here.” There were policies on using “sir” or “maam” when speaking to supervisors, and rules about which way the paper clip should be attached to the paper (big loop to the front, directly over the third line). The Drill Sergeant preferred the office to be neat and tidy (and would reprimand staff for allowing a smudge of hi-liter to be on the desk). He never acknowledged my existence, and I learned from other receptionists that he had yet to address them at all, though they had worked there for weeks. There were horror stories about his “structured” environment, and when he entered the area, someone would say, “the Drill Sergeant is here, sit up straight!”

Needless to say, it was not a fun place to be.

So, as of today, I am jobless. And somehow, it feels satisfying. A little bit of time to rest, think about things, figure out exactly what my brain is up to, and smell the flowers. I’m sure I’ll find something else, and I know I can always do private consulting. But for now, in the words of my sister, perhaps it was destiny that I left my old job, hated my new job, now have no job, and can actually just be.

For all of you out there who love what you do, cheers.

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Why I love Austin

March 8, 2005
photo by justin

You’ve just gotta love a city that’s so big, there are a zillion places to eat and shop, so small that it’s easy to get around and has a strong sense of community, and so perfectly located that you can find beautiful hike and bike trails just a few minutes from where you live, no matter where you live.

Justin took this photo at the Barton Creek greenbelt, just a short drive from our apartment.

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A rug for Roux

March 8, 2005
At some point a few months ago, I decided it would be fun to make my own rug for our new bathroom. I had clipped out an article from a Martha Stewart magazine that explained how to make a braided rug using strips of old bath towels. I set to work cutting three towels into strips. Sure, these were our good towels, but we would need new ones soon anyway, right? An hour or two later, covered in tiny towel fuzzies, I decided that the actual braiding of the rug would be done some other time.

A few days (weeks?) later, I started braiding the strips, hand-sewing the ends together. This was much harder than I thought it would be. I worked on it bit by bit in the evenings, and finally decided to start coiling the braid around itself to form my little round rug. I hand-sewed the rug together, and at long last was finished! It was smaller than I had planned (I got tired of braiding and tossed out a wad of towel strips), but it was my first real creation, something hand-made by me. I placed it proudly on the bathroom floor, and couldn’t wait to step on it the next morning.

The rug was soft and wonderful as expected. I proudly showed it off to friends, and gave it goo-goo eyes every time I went to the bathroom. It had been in our bathroom all of two days when The Rug Incident occurred.

I came home from work, said hi to Roux, our perfect, loveable, cute and cuddly cat, and stepped into the bathroom. There, on my precious rug, was a puddle of cat vomit. Why Roux chose my rug as his vomit-spot is still a mystery. We tried washing the rug, letting it air dry, tossing it in the dryer…but it is still stinky, not-soft, and misshapen.

I humbly present to you my first crafty creation: Roux’s Rug.

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March 7, 2005
photo by crystal

I am so excited about our new Whole Foods landmark store that just opened on March 3rd. I knew it was going to be big and beautiful and full of foodie goodies, but I never expected it to be food heaven.

We got a sneak peek at the store at a fundraising event benefiting KUT (our local public radio station) last Tuesday night. The place was packed, so it was difficult to move around, much less take a good look at what the store had to offer. We were amazed with the amount of food in the store…from a seafood department reminiscent of Pike Place Fish Market in downtown Seattle, to a walk-in beer cooler/aisle, to an entire section devoted to chocolate (which is where we loitered most of the evening). The store showcases its 1800 types of wine, over a dozen types of gelatos, and dine-in eateries including a salad bar, sushi bar, seafood bar, pizza counter, and numerous take-out kiosks with soups, chilies, pastas, and so much more.

We did fill up on some samples:

  • 365 Natural Italian Soda
  • In-House Freshly Roasted Nuts
  • Asian Micro Greens with Pea Shoots, Snow Peas, Shrimp and Sesame Vinaigrette
  • Smoked Salmon Quesadillas
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Tempeh Reuben
  • Four Cheese Classic Pizza
  • Focaccia
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
  • Toffee Bark

There were plenty of other freebies on Tuesday night, but most sample stations were crowded with hungry tasters.


Justin and I went back on Sunday night to grab a quick dessert. It was difficult to choose between freshly baked pastries from the bakery, candies from the chocolate bar, gelato, smoothies, or sweets from the grocery aisles. In the end, we chose the whoopie pie shown above and a cream-filled cupcake from Downtown Desserts, a counter specializing in 50s diner-style decadent desserts. I am embarrassed to say that this was my very first whoopie pie. I found the cake to be a bit dry and burned-tasting, and the cream was super-sweet, almost grainy with sugar. The cupcake was much better, with a moist, flavorful chocolate cake, the same cream filling as the whoopie pie, and a smooth chocolate ganache on top. I shudder to think of the calorie and fat content of the desserts, but at least we split them!

All in all, the store is wonderful–a great place to spend the afternoon. The vast quantities of food and treats are a bit overwhelming, and it will be difficult to leave the store empty-handed (which is not great for our pocketbook, especially since we are only a ten-minute walk away). I’ll be happy to return when the torrent of customers slows down a bit.

Whole Foods Landmark Store
525 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703
Store Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week

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