Why I love Austin

photo by justin

You’ve just gotta love a city that’s so big, there are a zillion places to eat and shop, so small that it’s easy to get around and has a strong sense of community, and so perfectly located that you can find beautiful hike and bike trails just a few minutes from where you live, no matter where you live.

Justin took this photo at the Barton Creek greenbelt, just a short drive from our apartment.

3 responses to “Why I love Austin”

  1. Love the picture. Looks like it needs to be framed……
    I am so jealous! I want to live in a Austin too!

  2. Thanks, sis! Eskie’s pretty handy with a camera…

  3. I would say he is average at best… now if he would have been underwater THEN take the picture, then that would be AWETHOME! 😛 I’m kidden of course. I’ve always been a fan of jestin’s camera work.


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