Lunch: sandwich with buttered bread, ham and Swiss. It’s my favorite.

Snack: Mocha soy frappuccino. I like the iced mochas better.

Dinner: We ate at Takoba. We shared guacamole and ceviche…

Plus a lovely bowl of posole. I had a mojito, and Justin had a michelada. Their micheladas are the bomb.

To continue my rum night, I made us Bahama Mamas from Dale Degroff’s book, while I cooked up sweet corn ice cream.

In making sweet corn ice cream, you end up with a few corn kernels that have been cooked in cream, milk and sugar. Should you throw them away? Of course not! You should snack on them the rest of the night. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll churn the ice cream, layer it with blackberry-raspberry sauce, and freeze it for a bit. Then we’ll (finally) taste it! Hopefully it will be as delicious as I imagine it will be. 🙂

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