Lunch: the last of the leftover pizza.

Saturday was such a beautiful day! After Friday’s snow day, it was kind of weird to have a 65 degree day. We didn’t want to stay inside, so we packed up a few cameras, put on our walking shoes, and took off. We walked downtown, stopped whenever we needed snacks or drinks, checked out the exhibits at the Arthouse, watched unicycle football and puppies playing at the park, and had a wonderful, wonderful day. At the end of the night, we walked back home and watched Mad Men. I do love Mad Men.

I took my Zumi camera, and my iPhone, and made a little video of our all-day stroll. Justin carried the digital and took a few shots (mostly of me). He made me put those shots in the video because he says it’s only fair that I be in there, too. 🙂 So I have no photos of what I ate for the day, but I did capture it all on video.

We ate:

  • Sweetish Hill: a mini-chocolate cupcake and a chocolate covered strawberry
  • The Ginger Man: we shared a burned pretzel with mustard (which we didn’t eat much of, because burned is bad)
  • Lamberts: wild boar ribs with sriracha glaze and blue cheese sauce
  • Imperia: nigiri (eel, salmon, yellowtail, escolar, and tuna) and spicy edamame
  • Parkside: raw oysters
  • 24 Diner: chili-cheese fries and cappuccinos

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!


Saturday Walk from Crystal Esquivel on Vimeo.

9 responses to “Saturday”

  1. I loved the song you picked, it was a perfect fit. And I like how y’all kinda grazed at your eating all day, its even better because you got to eat many delicious things in one day as opposed to just a couple. This renewed my longing to visit Austin for the day, now I just need to convince my husband:)

    1. Thanks! Yes, we do love grazing, and tapas bars, and any format that allows us to try lots of different foods. You should totally come visit for a day! Before it gets too hot, that is… 🙂

  2. Loved it.. and with such a cozy ending. Thanks for taking us along!

    1. Thanks, and you’re welcome!

  3. 1) I love love loooooove that song!
    2) I should do this one day… go on a food/photo walk 😀
    3) Austin is such an interesting city!
    4) It looks hot.

    1. 1. Me too!
      2. Yes, please do – I would love to see photos of your food!
      3. I agree.
      4. It was 70 degrees at least, and it’s only going to get hotter…
      5. Thanks! 🙂

  4. guess justing has a knack for photographing too! he took some lovely, lovely pictures of you!
    oh and how i miss walking out without my jacket on… i’m praying spring will come soon!

    1. He does! He’s actually took photography classes in college, and was taking photos long before I started. I’ll cross my fingers for an early spring for you!

      1. thanks thanks 🙂
        and sorry for the typo, justin with a G is not so great!
        have a nice day, you guys! xx

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