Lunch: leftover pizza.

Dessert: that cookie I wrapped up for yesterday – still good. 🙂

Snack: banana. I also had some Triscuits.

Happy hour at Red House with coworkers: some kind of drink with a whole lot of rum and some fruit juice. I shared it with a friend, since it was pretty strong. My coworkers often choose Red House for happy hour because it’s nearby, but it’s not my favorite place.

Dinner: takeout from Chinatown. I had an egg roll, chicken with veggies, and rice.

And that completes one month of Daily Eats! I can’t believe I stuck with something for a whole month. I have no idea if I’ll continue doing this every day – I may still post photos of some things, but maybe not everything I eat. Or maybe I’ll switch to film. Or maybe I’ll photograph daily outfits. We’ll see. 🙂

10 responses to “Friday”

  1. DAILY OUTFITS, please! 😀 (For some reason, when I first saw your dinner I thought the egg roll was a severed finger… Apparently I’m in a morbid mood)

    1. Ew, that is morbid! But still funny.

  2. daily outfits, i support that! 🙂

    1. I have to figure out how to take self-portraits – I’ve never even used the timer on my camera! 🙂

  3. I love daily eats, but also support daily outfits. Perhaps a picture of you eating while wearing your cute fashion choices? Best of both worlds.

    1. Ha! I’ll have to figure that one out…

  4. never been here before…daily outfits would be awesome…LOVIN your daily eats!
    Off to check out your pins!

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