Life in photos

I got a new phone! Well, my old phone was broken, and the little power button wouldn’t work, and also it wouldn’t hold a charge for very long, and hey! I got a new phone!

And it comes with this nifty 8-megapixel camera, which makes me happy. I haven’t been lugging around my dSLR lately, and my little iPhone 5 is doing just fine with photos. 🙂

Justin reminded me that I love soft-boiled eggs. So this weekend, I whipped some up with toast soldiers and was VERY HAPPY.

0a 05-26-boiled-eggs


0b 05-26-boiled-eggs2

We had an early dinner at Elizabeth Street on Saturday. Yeesh, I love that place. This time they had brisket and avocado buns on the specials menu, and holy moly they were amazing. We also had our regular pork spring rolls.

0c 5-26-es-buns

This guy. THIS GUY.

0d 05-26-es-baby

I strayed off the path and ordered something new – the fried redfish fried rice. Zomg. Good. And then I had leftovers, and then I left them at Aimee’s house. Sadness.

0e 05-26-es-rice

My favorite, Vietnamese iced coffee. With Stumptown beans. Yum. Also left in Aimee’s fridge. (Sorry, Aimee!)

0f 05-26-es-coffee

The reason I left things in Aimee’s fridge is because sometimes we hang out until the wee hours of the night drinking far too many gin cocktails and playing Cards Against Humanity. I highly recommend this. If you can get an invite to Aimee’s house, she has a SERIOUS stock of amazing snacks.

0g 05-26-card-game

I had a lazy Sunday lunch of open-faced egg salad sandwiches. The key to an amazing egg salad is pickles. The key to an amazing anything is pickles.

0h 05-26-egg-salad

Yesterday we took a walk and had drinks and a late lunch at Clark’s. Their bread/radish/butter/salt thing rocks.

0i 05-28-clarks1


0j 05-28-clarks2

Justin had oysters, of course. His report: The Beavertails were large but tasty, the Cook’s Cocktail were rockin’, and the Fancy Sweets were maybe past their best season. I can report that the horseradish, cocktail sauce, mignonette and crackers were fantastic as usual.

0k 05-28-clarks3

Hey, it’s me! And a Cocchi Americano spritzer.

0l 05-28-clarks4

We shared the salmon gravlax, one of Justin’s favorite things in the world. I’d be happy with just the bread, crème fraîche and dill, but don’t tell anyone. There’s also a tuna salad sandwich behind that mountain of fries.

0m 05-28-clarks5

We saw this flower on our walk home. WTF? What is this thing? It’s like the craziest alien flower ever, and I love it.

0n 05-28-flower

This weekend I lost myself in the world of Zelda Fitzgerald. I really loved this book – given that so many seem to think she was a loon who threw F. Scott Fitzgerald off course, it’s refreshing to have a look at a possible other side, novel or no. After I finished, I had to have a Fitzgerald cocktail to celebrate. And then I re-watched Midnight in Paris. Hooray for the Roaring Twenties!

0p 05-28-zelda

Until the next batch of iPhone photos!

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  1. Lovely pictures! Your life always looks so fun. 🙂

    1. Aha!! Even the name is fantastic. Thanks, Meagan!

  2. Aye que bonita! Te amo mucho hermanita linda!!

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