Daily Eats!

Our black cat (her name is Little) looks like a black ball of fur in this photo. Actually, she kind of is a black ball of fur. Roux just isn’t sure what she’s up to.

So I did it… I started photographing my daily eats. We’ll see how long it lasts! (You know me and finishing projects…)

I started adding them to my Tumblr page, but Tumblr just doesn’t have the capabilities that WordPress does. I discovered that I’m quite loyal to WordPress. So anyway, my Daily Eats posts will be right here on poco-cocoa, though they won’t show up on the front page. I didn’t want to clutter the place up. 🙂

You can find links to each day on the sidebar over to the right. You can also click on the “Daily Eats” tab up at the top to see all these posts at once. Hope you enjoy them!

6 responses to “Daily Eats!”

  1. Great idea!! Any way I can see these on my google reader?

    1. Hi Kelly! I just adjusted something so the new Daily Eats posts should show up in the normal poco-cocoa RSS feed. Though to be honest, I’m strongly considering just putting them on the front page with my usual posts, so they’d go directly to the feed anyway. I’m about to put up a new one – will you let me know if it shows up in your feed? And thanks so much for subscribing!

      1. Awesome, thanks! I see them in my google reader now. I love seeing what people eat. I finally said goodbye to the daily frozen dinners for lunch. I now have a Mr. Bento and love finding lunch item inspiration. Lunch and snacks are a lot more interesting now.

      2. Yay! Lunch is hardest for me – I can easily eat out every day for lunch, just because I hate pre-planning it and bringing a lunch. I’ve thought about doing Kashi frozen dinners every day, because they’re so easy and taste pretty good, but meh. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. I want to pick up and hold that black ball of fur. Looks very comfy and warm. Ahhh, I want cats, too!!!

    1. She is super comfy-warm. She’s actually really cuddly and sweet.

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