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  • Making a sazerac

    The sazerac is my current favorite cocktail. I often order it when we go out to a cocktail bar, but I also like making them at home. For some reason, Justin loves my sazeracs – just for fun, he filmed me while I was making one for him one night. I’m definitely a home-bartender – […]

  • Randoms

    About one roll of film ago, I somehow didn’t figure out that the battery in my Yashica had died. So things weren’t working and I couldn’t figure out why, and the roll of film was in there and so I tried to get it out, and in doing so, I ripped all of the perforations […]

  • A weekend getaway

    This weekend we escaped the ACL crowds and drove to San Antonio. We: Stayed at the lovely Hotel Havana Had excellent cocktails and snacks at The Esquire Tavern with Jeret, Javi and Rob (fried beets, potato tacos, house made chips, deviled eggs, along with too many unnamed and just-made-up cocktails to count) Had a delicious […]

  • Tuesday

      1. Breakfast: Challah with butter, iced coffee with soy milk, and Lucky Peach. 2. Lunch: Amy’s vegan burrito, Italian mix giardineira, an aprium, and Dumbo Feather. 3. Snack: Marshmallow coated in toasted coconut. 4. Dinner: Pizza made with pita bread, creme fraiche, leftover mushrooms/zucchini, roasted green chiles, and cheese, plus salad with balsamic vinaigrette […]

  • A lovely birthday dinner

    Last night we had dinner at Alex and Ingrid’s place to celebrate Ingrid’s birthday. She’s having a ginormous shindig this weekend, but we won’t be able to attend, so we wanted to have a little party of our own. Here’s a little one-minute video of the occasion. Happy birthday, Ingrid!